New to Allumi collection, after many requests, we have introduced natural Pure Soy un-fragranced ‘T’ Lights.


Each of these have been lovingly created for you in our workshop using the finest Pure Soy and packed with love. They are perfect to use with oil burners, especially when burning Allumi melts or pure essential oils and you don’t want the fragrance of the ‘T’ light to cross fragrance with that you are burning.


Each box contains 6 handcrafted pure Soy ‘T’ lights.

Allumi Pure Soy Unfragranced T Lights – Box of 6

  • Presented in clear box with ribbon finish
    Contains 6 ‘T’ Lights
    Each ‘T’ Light lasts over 4 hours
    Box measures 8 x 12 x 2.5 cm